Monday, February 28, 2011

I.F.S. Worked For Me!

People ask me what works when teaching children to read.  I answer trial and error, and to never give up.  I personally don't believe that people exist on this planet that don't like to read.  I'd rather think they just haven't met the right text yet.

My children read.  Believe me, it's not by accident, but more by design.  They started to read EARLY.  I wish I could take complete credit.  I cannot.

We were Hooked on Phonics.  I found a second hand set for my eldest after reading Why Johnny Can't Read.  We used it in our daily homeschooling.  When my youngest was reading ready, HOP had created a newer version sans audio cassettes.  Again, we chose this program.  Except she kind of taught herself.

This whole notion of what works led me to do the thing I do best.  Ask the babies.  A m a z i n g l y, they remembered!

One remembered the Bob Books and the Scholastic Sight Words Readers.  The other joyously recalled Starfall.

What, they didn't yell in unison, "Hooked On Phonics Worked For Me!"

Hey, wait a minute!

What I thought worked was completely different from the learner.  We had different objectives!  My objective leaned more in the direction of reading rule information distribution.

Their objective was reading fun and success!

I.F.S. are necessary!  Information + Fun + Success = Engagement.

Voila!  The info part includes a lot of particulars, but e n g a g e m e n t is what works!  My new answer!


  1. My kids read early too, I think my reading to them almost nightly helped a lot, as well as the stories that we didn't read, but made up. Awakening children's natural curiosity by engaging their imaginations is pure incentive to learn. :)