Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Answers First!

It’s test season.  We employ so many scientifically based testing strategies that our completed standardized testing books look like my Granny's used check out line puzzle books! 

Underlines, boxes, arrows, highlighted passages- many of them work for most of the students.  I KNOW one that can work for ALL students and you can teach it right now with my guarantee. 
Answers First!
This strategy was first presented to me in a nifty book, Six Way ParagraphsThanks, Robin!  Among the other ‘tricks’ presented the one that sticks the most is:
To read the passage’s answers first.
Begin with the end in mind!  I want to see those pumpkins turning straight to the end and reading the questions that will be asked and their corresponding answers. 
When testers do this they have some idea of what to look for when reading the actual testing passage. 
They can still use their toolbox techniques that have been presented in their classroom.  Adding one more! 

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