Cotton Seeds

Simple, read to your child thirty minutes a day.

Dubner's and Levitt's Freakonomics found that daily reading to your children REALLY has a does not have a direct impact on educational success!  

Confession, I don't.  

I applaud those of you who do.   

We started out that way with fabulous child one, then fabulous child two arrived.  After school activities and commitments became entwined in the finite amount of available time.  My interests parted with my babies' like the opened unfinished books flat on their spines.  We didn't want to read the same things; this surfaced around the time of our discovery of the ingenious Pilkey's Captain Underpants.

Someone recently shared with me that 'an excuse is worse than a lie'.

I quickly realized that if we were going to make it through the excuses and many years of half hour reading sessions, we would need options.    

Announcement- We have options!  

Let's adjust this nationally mandated, socially accepted and proven theory. Let's strive for half an hour of word immersion and hopefully create a culture that desires to read more than thirty minutes a day.   

'Cotton Seeds' are non scientifically based research methods  that have brought the joy of literature and family literacy to our lives.  

To play with 'Cotton Seeds' in your world, set your timer for thirty minutes, and 'GO'.

Create an environment that loves the read!  Tell me what you think.

Have a f a b u l o u s day!

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