Sunday, July 5, 2015

Show & Tell

If your child does not show or tell about their school day a strong possibility exists that engagement is waning in their educational world. Lack of positive or negative reports from a student generally indicate that the learner has lost interest in their classroom environment. Some showing / telling translates from body action, some from actual product.

To what one gives their conversation and attention is that which that holds his priority.

How to address the engagement collapse?  Request show and tell.
  • Show me your grades.
  • Show me your homework. 
  • Tell me what you are learning in first period.
  • Tell me about your science teacher, I’ve heard she is difficult.
  • Tell me what are on your walls in your classroom.

Creating a space for safe conversations that target show and tell responses may recharge the learning / attention process. If children come to expect a certain level of accountability for these type of conversations, more than likely they will be encouraged to respond.
Learning is Freedom! Happy Independence!

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