Sunday, July 26, 2015

Self - Care to prep for BTS

I hope this summer you all - teachers and parents and parents that are teachers and teachers that are parents... I hope you all are taking good care of yourselves.
And when back to school (BTS) begins again, I hope you continue.
Educators should practice extreme self – care to foster the long term resiliency needed for the school year. Self-care in all of life’s areas (physical, financial, spiritual, mental, and emotional) should preempt burn-out in any profession of continuous purpose filled service.

How one responds in an educational environment depends largely on how clear one can become. I believe clarity stems from creating systems that facilitate self-love. Often the way a teacher copes with a particular situation can stem more from whether or not they are receiving adequate rest, rather than responding to 'random acts of crazy' that often occur in our classrooms.

I suggest devoting at least twenty five percent of an educator’s break time (lunch or conference) to an action of self-care.

Need suggestions?

Take a walk.

Call a friend.

Pay a bill.

Experience a moment in prayer (meditation, silence, gratitude, etc.).

Read a book.
I keep a yoga mat rolled in the corner.

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