Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Lesson Plan W.A.L.T.Z.- t e a c h

Each week we have added another component to this lesson plan W.A.L.T.Z. I love acronyms! We are finally here... at application!

In step four, teach. The classroom can be seen as a reciprocal environment. My rule:

I will teach you, if you will learn. 

I’m responsible for the first, and you the later.

Prior to starting class, post the daily objective in the same place each day. Students can often refer to this note to stay on track, and to prepare for the learning that they helped create and are responsible for receiving.

Design a schedule that allows for your many findings to at least be done within the week, if not daily. Having a time associated plan helps with this process, as do procedures. Students can also be included in this creation. One student is assigned to keep me on time because the schedule is posted on the board. The student holds up a finger that means it’s time for the next item on the agenda. I have found the more that students share in the classroom responsibilities, the easier it is to manage the plan.

Zzzz - next week!


Mrs. Hanson (formally known as)

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