Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Lesson Plan W.A.L.T.Z- l i s t e n!

Thanks for following along. Let's listen. Together let's be very silent...

Listening to their answers is the third step. Many companies claim to abide by the mantra, “The customer is always right.” We can make an assumption that businesses that use this philosophy listen to their customers. Our customers are our students, and they are right.

What have you learned from the Waltz’s W and A? Often we build many types of feedback into our design, but don’t use the feedback. Listen with grace.
In the listen step, add student input into the plan. Lesson plans can include the following:

* Curriculum’s Essential Skill

* Student Expectation

* Materials or Resources used

* Bell Work / Warm up Exercise

* Bloom’s Target

* Learning Style

* Sensory Impact

* Explicit Instructions / Active Student Participation

* Assessment

* Modification / Adaptation

From the watching and the asking, one needs to compile data and plug it in to the plan immediately. I have found that short answer data is more accurate in that definite student-thought went into the answering, but all data will do.
Remember this type of planning doesn’t take much longer than the already extensive process. If target plans are already outlined the new information can be implemented easily. It should feel like a piecing together a puzzle. This goes here, and that there.

Teach 'em next week!


Mrs. Hanson (formally known as)

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