Monday, November 4, 2013

Cotton Tools Around the Home

When considering a Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine question, I asked my children now eighteen and thirteen what items did they love having at home when they were wee. 
Here's what they reported:
Cotton Digging Tools
Perfect for planting, shaping new worlds, or discovering old ones, kids will spend hours digging in terrain.

Cotton Building blocks and PVC

Kids connect these items to their imagination’s limits.

Cotton Tents

Private and magical arenas can begin with a pop-up shelter inside or outside of the home.

Cotton Noise Makers

Encourage your kid to compose and arrange melodies by having a variety of musical instruments and noise makers on hand.

Cotton Costumes

A wardrobe of dress-up inspires kids to become what they desire.

Cotton Maps / Globes

A strong display of ‘all the places one can go’ grants your kid’s mind to experience wanderlust.

Cotton Magazines

Keep a collection of recycled magazines for projects, collages and picture themed journals.

Cotton Magnets 
Magnets of all shapes and sizes make for sticky scientific discover, and endless hours of refrigerator play.
Cotton Art Supplies

With a grand assortment of writing utensils, palettes, and canvases, a kid can create their own galleries for your home and others.

Cotton Tape

Kids desire to express with new varieties of adhesives that promote endless sticky possibilities.

Allow your kid to imagine stories, settings and characters penned in pages of pictureless ebooks, audio books, and print versions.

See what other readers and parents keep around their inspiring worlds.


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