Friday, April 22, 2011

Many Genres Marketing Tip from Sally Bosco

The purpose of Tweeting isn’t really to sell books, it’s to build relationships, have a dialogue with writers and readers, to pique potential readers’ curiosity about you, and to gain their interest. They’re gaining access into your secret world. Make that a place people want to visit.

If you’re new to Twitter, start by following your friends. They know people who know people, and this will widen your circle. Do the same for any writers you know or writers’ associations that interest you.

Find groups who hit your target market and friend them. Just Google "Twitter + your subject matter." You may want to do this gradually so it won’t appear that you’re spamming people.

Follow people and organizations who are relevant to your writing. If you are writing a novel about, oh, I don’t know, cross dressers, try to make contact with people who are interested in that subject matter. A simple Google or Twitter search will yield that info.

Contributor: Sally Bosco

Articles in MGOC: "The Manga Explosion" and "From Far East to West"


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  1. Thanks, Sally, for the quick Twitter tips!


  2. Awesome! I love when social media is used in the same fashion in the classroom!