Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Salman Khan talk at TED 2011 (from ted.com)

Mathway: Algebra Problem Solver

Mathway: Algebra Problem Solver

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This school year will you use AlphaTapp in your educational worlds?  Our kids are tech savvy.  We need to meet them.  We know that visual learners respond well to visuals.  It is equally important to appeal to students that have words of affirmation or gifting as a love language.  The app costs $2.99, the same as the newly updated books.  Unlike the books they can be only used with iProducts (iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad).

People have asked how does one use this app.   The short answer is - how do you normally use flashcards in the classroom.  The long answer includes parts of our vision for the good word revolution.

Administrators & Counselors can create climate change.
  • Email a positive word card to colleagues, parents and students.
  • Email a card to yourself then display on an interactive white board during inservice or during the breaks.
  • Allow students app play during cool down times, waiting periods or focus sessions.  They can even spell their feelings.

Teachers can encourage word exposure.
Email a card to yourself then display on an interactive white board for the following: 
  • Paint the room use as a word wall.
  • Use a card for writing prompts.
  • Post a new positive word for the first 100 hundred days of school.
  • KWL each word for daily journals.
  • As an individual or group warm-up (look up etymology, definition and add visual representation).
With the app as a handheld:
  • Practice spelling words with the spell feature.
  • Alphabet and alphabetizing exercises.  (Each deck is A to Z).
  • Email a good word to a colleague or student.
  • Shake a word with the jumble feature show student to positively reinforce good behavior or remind of not so desired behavior.  
The premiere app comes with six different A-Z good word decks.  There are six categories.

  • Angel - Feel good words for all ages.
  • Canvas - Art based.
  • Explore - Math and Science derived.  
  • Imagine - Advanced level learners.
  • Nothing - Can be about anything.  
  • Wellness - Well living.
Please try AlphaTapp in your classrooms and eclassrooms alike.  Share your thoughts and results.  

t h a n k s & l o v e 

http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/alphatapp/id442982046?mt=8# link to app